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RealChain is dedicated to providing clients with a complete real estate process management solution.

By creating and integrating applications, RealChain powers the corporate real estate process by streamlining every service involved in the chain - from brokerage to moving.

The RealChain model accelerates the real estate planning process, adapts for any real estate scenario, and helps corporations control and report on all of their real estate holdings.

The Real Chain Team

The RealChain team brings our customers expertise in corporate real estate services and enterprise technology. Working with clients and partners, RealChain possesses the knowledge and drive to provide customers with:
  • Integrated real estate solutions
  • The means to automate the entire real estate lifecycle
  • 24/7 quality measurement system
  • Real-time decision enabling intelligence tools

Executive Experience

RealChain executives have experience in the following fields:

Corporate Services

On the forefront of the trend to outsource real estate services, RealChain's team identified early on the problems with the current fragmented model. While corporations prefer to free their personnel from handling the procurement of goods and services to focus on sales, no outsourcing model was able to provide adequate real estate services. The industry's need for a means to integrate point solutions is the driving force behind RealChain.

Brokerage and Economics

The RealChain team includes experts on brokerage and economics, which are two of the most essential components of the real estate value chain. With their finger on the pulse of the factors that influence commercial real estate, RealChain executives are uniquely aware of the lack of relevant information available to clients making key real estate decisions.


Having identified the gaps in the current real estate technology offerings for commercial customers, RealChain has built a team with a deep and broad understanding of enterprise-strength technology solutions. In addition to the e-business solutions offered by CommerceOne, SAP, Oracle, and other large software houses, there are currently over 400 early stage Internet-based companies building point solutions for the commercial real estate market - the RealChain team is prepared to build the solutions that our customers demand.

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