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Solving the challenges that arise in corporate real estate departments, RealChain's products and services are easy to use and easy to integrate.


RealChain Integration Hub - This core technology developed by RealChain is the foundation enterprise platform that ties together internal systems (such as ERP, Procurement, and Lease Management applications) with external partner systems (such as transactional exchanges, collaborative workflow environments, and broker systems).

RealPlanIt Application - This "upstream" real estate application gives senior corporate executives the ability to define real estate objectives and the standards that guide downstream purchases. Through RealPlanIt, users gain role-based access to all of the applications connected to the integration hub.

RealReports - To ensure real estate performance chainwide, this ad hoc reporting system gives customers insight into the performance of their real estate initiatives.

RealManager- RealChain supplies customers with an administrative application to facilitate integration. 


RealChain offers its customers a full range of consulting, support, and education services.

Consulting - From the definition of real estate objectives to the nuts-and-bolts details of project management, the RealChain team supports our customers throughout the real estate lifecycle.

Support - Helping customers go live on the RealChain systems and making sure their systems are up and running 24/7, the RealChain team supports our customers at every step.

Education - Both technical and end user education is available to get your real estate department ready to take advantage of RealChain benefits at Internet Speed.

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