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Put Realchain to work for you today - Allow us to show you the multiplicative benefits of chainwide integration.

The Problem

Current Problem Current Situation RealChain Solution

Real estate is the second largest expense in a typical corporation's budget, but due to the complex and fractious nature of real estate, companies have been unable to achieve a fully integrated solution. In addition, although companies have been outsourcing their real estate functions to achieve savings, opportunities are lost through attendant process inefficiencies and lack of control.

Internet technologies that facilitate collaboration and communication, as well as MRO procurement systems, have yielded numerous point solutions for the real estate space. However, the different development timelines and business object definitions employed by these point solutions prevent their effective integration. Without a complete and integrated solution available for implementation, companies have been slow to adopt these partial solutions to facilitate their real estate transactions.

RealChain focuses on the customer's needs! It streamlines corporate real estate by providing an integration platform that allows real estate departments to benefit from outsourcing services by providing them with the locus of control as well as the means to keep valuable data in house. RealChain provides executives with a single point through which they can set strategy, trace processes, and report on results.

Benefits of the RealChain Solution

Users of RealChain experience cost savings throughout their real estate value chain:
  • Lower Total-Cost-of-Ownership
    Identify savings through the RealChain savings calculator.
  • Real Estate Infrastructure Agility
    Integrate partner systems seamlessly.
  • Speed to Market
    Proactively embrace changes in real estate partner applications.
  • Facilitate Global Enterprise Data Integration
    The value of data increases exponentially as disparate data stores are integrated.

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