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Our Customers

Customers turn to RealChain as they grapple with the fact that operating costs as a percentage of sales is growing. 

CFO magazine's sixth annual selling, general, and administrative costs (SG&A) survey reveals that administrative costs - the biggest of which is real estate - are growing faster than revenues.

  • The companies studied this year increased SG&A as a percentage of sales by 30 basis points, to 16.4 percent of sales, or $702.7 billion.
  • All told, the increase in SG&A-to-sales amounted to $13 billion.
  • Had companies shed 30 basis points instead, they would have saved $17 billion to their collective bottom line, after taxes.

The real estate function for most Fortune 1,000 companies is made up of thousands, perhaps millions, of complex interactions that managers routinely take for granted. Taken together, these multiple sources of complexities add costs and undermine efficiency. Real estate is just one example of how SG&A costs seem so intractable. In good times, they seldom seem worth managing, despite aggregate consequences to the bottom line. Absent a systematic way to identify and track these costs, efforts to manage them sap managers' energy and time. Yet these are the costs that can eventually choke a company's ability to compete in a world that demands efficiency. 

RealChain's customers know that the only solution that can control real estate operating costs is to leverage the power of the RealChain suite. 

RealChain is the only real estate product that solves problems chainwide to help customers realize the multiplicative benefits of integration.

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